Letter from the winemaker - March 2013

Published on Monday, June 23, 2014, 12:24

In this rainy end of year, the prunning of the vine is still going on, after 4 months of hard work.

At the cellar, the preparation of the vintage 2012 and the bottling have started. Simple happiness and pleasure to come ! A very complex concentration of fruits, integrated to a dense body express themselves in this vitage by a great mineral tension. 
The expression of the terroir of Sancerres (chalk and flint) in its core définition.

We sincerely believe the year 2013 will be an excellent wine for keeping. It comes from a harvest with moderated yields because of the 2 months of drought before the grape harvest.

We hope the economic situation in France and Europe will not desable you to buy this great vintage because Sancerre is proud of a great reputation across our borders. This year again, they will be many from abroad to purchase our wines. The USA, Canada and Australia will be among the greatest customers. Spread in the world the reputation of fineness and pureness of the Sauvignon and its terroir is our duty. 

Our winemaker,

Jean-Yves Delaporte

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