In Vino Veritas - June/July 2013

Published on Monday, June 23, 2014, 12:51

Sancerre 2011 
Domaine Vincent Delaporte at Chavignol

This pinot noir handpicked in small boxes knows a cold maceration (10 °) for four days, followed by alcoholic fermentation of a dozen days in vats thermo-régulated, where the temperature is kept low (about 15 °) . Bottling takes place during the month of February following the harvest. Its salmon color creates a quivering desire. In the nose as in the mouth, pinot claims paternity. Cherry and raspberry betray the first burst. It's fresh, lively and perfectly delicious. The picnic basket is already taking the road to the forest. In the mouth, a dash of licorice and drier notes (peony) in the final.

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