There's nothing especially revolutionary about the viticulture and vinification that we practice; all that we do is focused on delivering the best possible fruit to increasingly show the very best of our individual parcels. Our organic approach in the vineyard is central to uncovering the personality of each terroir and is sensitively and intelligently adopted.

With the help of some 80 pickers harvesting takes place once the grapes have reached optimum ripeness, over a short period of time.

Once in the winery the grapes are vinified with only the very slightest of human intervention in order to keep the use of sulphur to an absolute minimum hygiene is absolutely impeccable

Once the grapes have been turned in to wine we have little to do other than be patient and let nature take its course. Lengthy lees ageing, without racking, gives Sauvignon Blanc of purity and Pinot Noir with finesse. With regards to barrel ageing a proportion of the red wine will spend time in 228 litre barrels, whilst the whites go in to 600 litre "tonnes" and 2000 litre "foudres". In both cases this time in oak adds richness and complexity to the wines.

Precision, balance and complexity are the watchwords of our cuvées with each delivering a strong sense of their individual terroirs, marked by considerable minerality, power and freshness.