Letter from the winemaker - May 2015

Published on Saturday, May 02, 2015 to 11h22

Finally time to have a little spring chat with my cyber friends – I have been very busy this past month of May with my occupation of winemaker, a job both fascinating and time-consuming...

After having cut the vines and planted new ones, the main activity consist of caring the soils by ploughing not too deep under in order to preserve its organization. The longest part of the work is finishing with picks, just as you would do in your back garden. For the past two years, two months a year, we received the help of very brave people that enable us to completely stop using herbicides. Preserving the environment is more than ever the core of our philosophy and we come every day closer to an organic winegrowing agriculture, despite our disinterest in labels and certifications. We seek pure sincerity in our way of working and thinking our wines.

Everything is done in harmony between man and nature. Everything is thought and executed in order to preserve the ecosystem for futures generations. Tomorrow’s winemaking starts today, for you just as for us! As an example, this past winter, we used cattle manure from farms around as fertilizers in an attempt to replace most commonly used ones of which the components are uneasily recognizable and traceable.

At the cellar, encouraged by customers that take always-greater interest in the evolution of our production, the bottling of the Tradition vintage continues for the great year of 2014.

For some others, the maturation process is still going on.

Represented in many specialized magazines, the national and international presses pay good attention to the beautiful evolution of the Domain. It’s a honor that our past years’ work is being recognized this way.

Thanks again for your fidelity.

I raise my glass to you all,

Jean-Yves Delaporte

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