La revue des vins de France - February 2015

Published on Friday, May 01, 2015 to 20h05

"We are very impressed by these past 3 years' rise of Matthieu Delaporte from Chavignol. Born in an old family of winemakers that was used to big productions to meet the high demand in Sancerre wines, this winemaker of 26 years old has been deploying his energy since 2010 to sublime the sauvignon of his vineyard (soils caring, downturn of the yields, fermentation in barrels). He mixes the terroir of Chavignol (a historical clayey-limestone soil) for his classic Sancerre wines - very vivid and fruity - and plays with other flinty soils to make his "Maxime" vintages - large and delicate. He also isolated his riche and sunny slopes of the Monts Damnés for another strong yet subtil vintage. To be followed closely."

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