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95 pts - Silex blanc 2019

Published on Tuesday, November 23, 2021 to 14h41

I’ve been itching to taste the top wines from Delaporte from the 2019 vintage, and though high expectations are dangerous for the prospects of any wine, this one actually exceeded mine.  It is wonderfully expressive aromatically, showing terrific fruit scents of ripe lemons and limes along with suggestions of stone fruits and dried herbs.  Remarkably enough, the wine currently tastes even better than it smells, echoing the particular scents but layering in a marvelous minerality that doesn’t just kick in during the finish, but asserts itself in the mid-palate and rides in tandem with the fruit for every delicious second thereafter.  And I should add that there are a lot of “delicious seconds,” as this wine has one seriously persistent finish, with all the flavor sensations tailing off symmetrically.  This is among the handful of best new releases from Sancerre in a fresh, mineral style that I’ve tasted going all the way back to the 2008 vintage.  Holy Moly, don’t miss this one.   

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